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The Queen Biomat is meant to be put on a queen sized bed and left there. The Queen Biomat is heavy so moving it around would be difficult. The Queen Biomat is like two Biomats in one because each side can be controlled separately from the same controller.

The Queen Biomat is great for couples who both want infrared therapy but want to control their side of the Biomat. Each person can get a great night's sleep at the temperature that makes them feel most comfortable.



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Cancer and Thermotherapy


At 43 degrees celcius, cancer cells die. Heating the body from the inside out can stunt cancer growth. Thermotherapy with Biomats was used on several patients in Japan under the direction of a doctor and he saw tumors shrink and even disappear.

Biomats can greatly relieve the pain of a cancer patient. The warm heat soothes the aches and pains that come with the disease. The pain and nausia that come along with chemo treatments can be significantly reduced with the use of thermotherapy. If nothing else, the soothing heat of a BIomat can help a cancer patient through their most difficult times.

Diabetes and Thermotherapy

Diabetes can cause the body's internal temperature to fall which in turn causes our blood pressure to drop. Using thermotherapy to raise the core temperature of the body can aid in the treatment of diabetes. Like cancer, diabetes can be attributed to hypothermia. Raising the temperature of the body increases blood pressure, increases immunity and can have an effect on diabetes.

Better blood flow warms the body and strengthens the heart as the blood vessels and capillaries dialate and pump body warming blood throughout the body.


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Queen Biomat Biomat Controller

Biomats: Marital Aid for Couples

When people think of thermotherapy, they don't realize all of the smaller benefits that come from using it consistently. Sleeping on a Biomat will increase your blood flow and boost your energy, both resulting in a larger sex drive. Couples with Biomats cite happier relationships with their partners and more energy than they know what to do with.


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Professional   Single   Queen   King   Mini

Excellent for professional healers such as chiropractors, massage therapists and doctors. Size = 700 x 1800mm /
31.91" x 77.81"
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Perfect for twin size beds. Excellent for children, guest rooms. Size = 900 x 2002mm /
35.43 " x 77.81"

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Fits Queen sized beds and each side of the Biomat can be controlled separately from one controller. Size = 1400 x 2002mm /
55.11" x 77.81"

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Like the Queen, the King can be put on different settings on each side. Size = 72.65"w x 77.81" / 1800 x 2002mm
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Great for travel, office chairs, and children. Some even get these for their pets.
Size = 850 x 330mm /
33" x 17 "
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Biomat for Professionals


Richway realizes that the Biomat is perfect for professional healers: doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, dentists, acupuncturists. All of these professions could benefit by adding a Biomat to their sessions with their clients. They could even charge extra for the value added service.So Richway made the Professional Biomat just for this purpose. Since the Professional Biomat fits perfectly on most healing tables, Your clients can lay on the Biomat as you do your work as normal, all the while experiencing the dramatic healing warmth eminating from beneath them.

The Professional Package includes the Professional Biomat and the Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow. Adding will make the therapy complete. And professionals with a healing license or certificate can get $100 discount off of the Professional Biomat. Learn more.


You Can Thank NASA

NASA developed infrared therapy over forty years ago for their space shuttles. NASA needed a way to keep their astronauts as healthy as possible in close quarters so they lined the inside of every shuttle with infrared ray technology.

Biomat 7000mx

The Richway Biomat 7000mx is the newest Biomat released in November, 2012. Richway improved this generation of the infrared rays eminating from the Biomat and made the entire product more durable. This is the current version of the Richway Biomat.
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