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Is there such a thing as unhealthy water? Of course there is. Just poor a glass of water from your tap and hold it up to the light. Alkaline water helps keep a healthy body pH at approximately 7.365, and acidity brings symptoms as pain, arthritis, lumbago, osteoporosis, high or low blood pressure, obesity, low energy, depression, which can easily build up and create more acidity and degenerative diseases such as chronic arthritis, diabetes and cancer can occur. Alkalinity subdues and detoxifies acidic wastes/toxins and projects them out of the body. Alkaline water helps destroy and prevent cancer.



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Alkaline Ionized Water


Bacteria, fungi, and parasites thrive in an acidic environment and they expel waste into our bloodstream. A healthy pH is essential to our system for ongoing and balanced health and wellness. We have both acid and alkaline existing in our body. A proper Alkaline pH deters  bacteria, inflammation and disease. The pH balance is so important that when no more calcium is available our body leeches it from our bones ( explaining why arthritis and osteoporosis are so common ).

1. Alkaline water is a powerful liquid anti-oxidant that is easily absorbed into the body and neutralizes free radicals.

2. Alkaline water has ions (lots of them) to balance and maintain a proper body pH (6.9-7.2). This creates an environment that inhibits bacteria, inflammation and disease.

3. Alkaline water has a smaller molecule structure. This facilitates more hydration, faster nutritional intake and better detoxification.

Alkal Life 7000sL

Alkal Life



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Professional   Single   Queen   King   Mini

Excellent for professional healers such as chiropractors, massage therapists and doctors. Size = 700 x 1800mm /
31.91" x 77.81"
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Perfect for twin size beds. Excellent for children, guest rooms. Size = 900 x 2002mm /
35.43 " x 77.81"

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Fits Queen sized beds and each side of the Biomat can be controlled separately from one controller. Size = 1400 x 2002mm /
55.11" x 77.81"

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Like the Queen, the King can be put on different settings on each side. Size = 72.65"w x 77.81" / 1800 x 2002mm
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Great for travel, office chairs, and children. Some even get these for their pets.
Size = 850 x 330mm /
33" x 17 "
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